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Niba Nail Care

Foot File Bundle (Trade)

Foot File Bundle (Trade)

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Perfect to retail to your clients, for them to keep on top of their dry skin in between pedicure appointments.

RRP: £18.00

Bundle of 5: £12.60 each, Profit per foot file £5.40

Bundle of 10: £12.00 each, Profit per foot file £6.00

Bundle of 20: £10.80 each, Profit per foot file £7.20

*We advise the above RRP but you can set your own prices to suit your business needs.
Our prices include VAT. 


Our dual-sided, stainless steel foot file has recently had an upgrade.

Buff away your dry, rough skin with the NIBA Foot File for the ultimate smooth foot experience. With an easy grip handle and a dual-sided file for the perfect pedi!

Featuring multi-directional grit, our foot file will safely but effectively remove dead, rough skin. Callus who? 

Made of high-quality stainless steel on both sides which can be easily disinfected.

How to use

Use the ‘bumpy’ side for getting rid of all the rough stuff, then follow with the ‘Smooth’ side for a final buff. 

We recommend you follow with NIBA skin care for the smoooooooooooothest experience for your tootsies!


You can see a full ingredients list for our products here.

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