Stick Or Twist!

Stick Or Twist!

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Stick or twist is a new NIBA game. This game is limited, so you need to get your order in fast for this one. We will have a certain number of stick or twist boxes, stick or twist costs £30 to play, once they're gone they're gone! When we get round to your order, we pick one of our stick or twist prize boxes at random and we will show you whats inside, you then choose whether you STICK with that box, or you TWIST and we choose another box. If you twist, there's no going back. Its a fun game of chance. All prize boxes will have items in OVER the amount you are paying for, so either way you win big!

Stick or twist available for the next game is: 15


This is only available whilst we are on a The NIBA Fun House Live. Please make sure you are tuned in at the same time as ordering this to play.


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