Top Three Tips to sell more stuff TODAY!

Retailing is an amazing way to boost your sales and help your clients nails last longer. You could add an extra £8.50 to each service you offer (or £3 pure profit). You'll kick yourself that you haven't tried these earlier.


  1. Be a Broken Record


I will have “oil your damn cuticles” written on my tombstone.


Cuticle oil makes your gels last longer, fact!


  • Ashleigh chose the Jojoba oil in the cuticle pens because of it's tiny molecular size. These small particles penetrate deeper into the skin and nail and improve nail condition. While the larger oil molecules nourish the surface of the skin.


  • Feeding the skin around your nails with oil reduces moisture loss.  Which reduces chips and cracking.


  • Water enters your nails and evaporates (yes even when you have gel on. When this happens it dehydrates the nail plate leaving it weak and porous.


  • Regularly applying your oil fills these little pours. this means less moisture loss, and your nails stay strong and flexible.


Your clients need to know that good aftercare, including cuticle oil, is their side of the agreement.


Every time I see my clients, I ask about after care, “have you been oiling your cuticles?” I say. They usually lie, but it reminds them.


Has someone chipped a nail? Ask them about their aftercare routine. By banging on about it you are further re-enforcing the importance of using oil.


If someone asks you about their nails... remember you are the expert! Almost every gel nail problem come back to cuticle oil and aftercare.  Fewer chips and better lasting nails is great for your reputation and your clients pocket. 


Basically, bang on about it like a broken record. You don’t have to try and sell it to them, just incorporate aftercare advice into your conversation.


  1. Give them Choices, Choices




Babes, give them a choice! Choose two or three delicious scents and have fun with it.


Nail technician with a client


“what scent of cuticle oil would you like?” or “would you like “my moon and stars or lime basil and mandarin?” they have to make a choice about it. When they find a scent they love, they want to bring that into their self care ritual.


  1. The Power of No


Do you ever cringe when you must sell things? I used to, but now I do a happy dance, why?


Instead of focusing on “what if… they don’t want it?”


I focus on “What if… they do want it, and I never gave them the opportunity?”...

“what if they need it”(which they do)”and as a professional I failed to educate them?”...

“what if I am being rude assuming that they ‘can’t afford’ or ‘don’t want it?’.


If you’re following step 1, then when you come to ask your clients at the end of your service “would you like an oil today?” your clients will already be ready to buy!


If they say “no thanks”, “not today", that's OK too! You have done your bit as a professional. But if you never asked, they didn’t even get the chance to say no!


Have you got any more questions about retailing your cuticle oils? Get in touch:

Emma Andralojc aka The Nail & Beauty Nerd



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