Bespoke Fragrance Oil

Bespoke Fragrance Oil

Being unique and different is something many brands strive for. There is a vast amount of fragrance oils available on the market which means most brands may have access to the same scents. Fragrance can be a deciding factor when a consumer is purchasing your products, whether you are selling home fragrance products or cosmetics. Picking one that resonates with your brand and your customers is key. Having a unique scent strengthens your brand identity too.

We offer a bespoke fragrance oil service, we will take your brief and work with our world leading fragrance and perfume manufacturers to create your perfect fragrance. Once we have created your fragrance, this can be purchased from us at a minimum order quantity of 2kg.

If you are creating a bespoke product with us, we can incorporate a bespoke fragrance too to provide you with a product even more unique to you.

To create a bespoke fragrance oil our one off fee for your sample is £50 + vat / per fragrance oil this includes 3 revisions. Once you are happy with the sample, we can then quote you the cost of the fragrance oil, these usually range from £60-120 + vat per kg, but this can change depending on the formula.

If you would like full exclusivity of the bespoke scent, meaning AR' Lab Ltd and our manufacturer will not offer that exact scent to others, there is an exclusivity fee of £150 + vat/ per year. This can not be offered for scents that are widely available on the market already and this does not stop other manufacturers recreating a similar scent.