Bespoke Manufacturing (Private Label)

What is bespoke manufacturing?

What is bespoke manufacturing?

Our bespoke manufacturing (also known as private label service) is what it says on the tin - a bespoke service. We work with you to create a product that is solely for you. We will not offer your formula to anyone else, which gives you a product that is exclusive to you.

What does the process look like?

We will require some details from yourself about the product/s you are wanting to create with us. Once we have received the consultation form (at the bottom of this page) from you we will arrange a convenient time to go over this with you. This can be done via email, phone call or zoom call. We will need to know in as much detail what you are looking for. Once we have done the initial consultation we can then start the sampling process. Samples are charged at £15 per sample. This gives you the freedom to test multiple samples from us before committing to manufacturing. Once you have a sample you are happy with, we can quote you the price, this is due to bespoke samples being completely unique to you. 

Who will be the RP (Responsible Person)?

You can choose whether you want us to stay the RP (responsible person) or whether you want to be the RP. If you want us to remain the RP, our details will be on the labels as the responsible person.

If you want to be the RP, this gives the benefit of not disclosing us (Your manufacturer) on your labels. But you will be responsible for the below:

You will need to create a PIF (Product Information File), Create and source your labels ensuring they are legally compliant and you will also need to notify your products on the UK portal and the EU portal (If you have opted to sell these products to the EU through us)

How long does the process take?

This is the longest route for your own products, but also the most personal to you and your brand. The process time differs. It can be anywhere from 1-6 months sometimes more.

How does it arrive?

With bespoke manufacturing, you can choose how you want to receive this.

If you are the RP-

Bulk- We can ship to you in bulk containers for you to decant into your own packaging.

Filling service- We can fill your products at the lab, meaning you will receive them in their containers ready for you to label. You can either choose from containers we stock here at AR' Lab or you can get your chosen containers shipped to us. 

If we are remaining the RP-

If we are remaining the RP for you, we will have to fully manufacture, fill and label your products. You can still choose your containers and we will send you a template for your label design to be completed.


We have created products for a number of brands in multiple countries, we have manufactured products that have been sold on Beauty Bay and Urban Outfitters. Most brands we work with like to keep us (their manufacturer) anonymous, a Non Disclosure Agreement can be provided if you should need.