Trade Conditions

You now have trade access!
Now you have trade access you can navigate around the trade parts of our website. These can all be found under the "shop" menu on the main page.
All items will be at "trade" prices and each listing will tell you the RRP, you have the freedom to change this to suit your clients and area.
You will also have access to our NIBA X service- Our products, your branding! 
Again these, can be found under the shop tab, under "NIBA X" 
Please read through the terms and conditions below before purchasing. These must be adhered to at all times when retailing our products.
Terms & Conditions of a trade account:
You are not permitted to tamper with the product before resale.
NIBA TRADE accounts are for professionals only and subject to proof checks.
Any misuse of trade accounts, the account may be suspended with no notice. We have the rights to revoke trade status at any time. 
You are only permitted to resell the products in the country your order is delivered to. International reselling is NOT permitted.
It is your responsibility to ensure you are logged into your trade account when placing items into your basket, once you place your order, if you mistakenly purchase non trade items, this can not be rectified. Items in your basket prior to logging into your trade account will NOT automatically change to trade prices once logged in, please make sure your basket is empty before logging in and shopping.