Collection: The NIBA Fun House!

Welcome to the fun house! We love to give back and communicate with you as much as possible, which this year brought us to launch our Instagram lives- The NIBA Fun House. We started this with our Spin the wheel lives, which you all love, we like to stay different, so now we bring you even more fun, the full NIBA fun house! 

So what is it, I hear you ask? 

The NIBA Fun House is an Instagram live dedicated to giving back to our customers. During the live, there will be different fun games you can participate in. Each game will have it's own rules.

Our Instagram page is here.




All you have to do is place an order over £45 (not including shipping and discounts) during that time period, you will get a CHOICE OF spin of the wheel OR prize punch. You will need to be on our instagram live to let us know which one you want, if possible please put it in the notes at check out.. Sit back, relax, wait for your order to come around, we will shout out your order number, you will let us know if you want spin the wheel or prize punch, we play the game live, you win prizes and will pack your order live too!

Each game brings different prizes, not just from NIBA but from other brands we love too! So you get to try amazing brands that you may not have tried before, win win! 

How much does it cost?

Nothing, as stated above, spin the wheel is only available during the spin the wheel live, spend £45 (not including shipping and discounts) FREE!!

What are the prizes available to be won?

Each fun house game is different and prizes are changed up. There are also one win only prizes so once they have been won, new things enter the game throughout too! We have prizes from NIBA but also prizes from other businesses too. Prize RRP's range from £7-£100!! 


Stick or twist is a new NIBA game. This game is limited, so you need to get your order in fast for this one. We will have a certain number of stick or twist boxes, stick or twist costs £30 to play, once they're gone they're gone! When we get round to your order, we pick one of our stick or twist prize boxes at random and we will show you whats inside, you then choose whether you STICK with that box, or you TWIST and we choose another box. If you twist, there's no going back. Its a fun game of chance. All prize boxes will have items in OVER the amount you are paying for, so either way you win big!

Stick or twist available for the next game is: 15


Want to grab 3 items at random from our lucky dip box? This games for you! All you need to do is purchase a The NIBA Fun House Lucky Dip (Below) we will call out your order number on the Instagram live and we will pick 3 items from our lucky dip box! A fun way to try new things! Your prize will always be worth more than you pay! 

Luck Dip available for the next game is: 35

When is the next NIBA Fun House?

Due to the cost to our business we can't do these all the time. But when we are close to the next one, we will put the date and time here: 28/05/2023 Time TBC