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Milk Bath Bundle (Trade)

Milk Bath Bundle (Trade)

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Milk Bath has been a luxury self care item for years, even Cleopatra treat herself to luxurious milk baths, in her time she was known as the most beautiful woman, and she used milk baths to maintain her beauty. Our Luxury milk bath is packed full of great ingredients and also has a slight foaming effect in the water, perfect for bath time, Pedicure soaks and Manicure soaks.
Some of our key ingredients:
Organic coconut milk powder, which contains a high-fat content which can have excellent moisturising effects, it also acts as a sealant to lock in moisture and hydrate. It's easily absorbed, smoothes skin cells, and the fats help maintain your skin's elasticity.
Tapioca starch which aids in softening the skin.
Colloidal oatmeal which is an amazing ingredient that can help our skin with its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, moisturizing, antibacterial, and antioxidant effects.

Choose from - Original unscented Milk Bath

- Snow Angel Milk Bath- fragranced with the heavenly sweet scent inspired by a Lush Christmas favourite.

- My Moon & My Stars Milk Bath- fragranced with the relaxing scent of vanilla bean and lavender, the perfect bath time scent! 

RRP: £17.97*

Bundle of 5- £15.00 each, £2.97 profit per pouch.*

Bundle of 10- £14.40 each, £3.57 profit per pouch.*

Bundle of 20- £13.20 each, £4.77 profit per pouch.*

*We advise the above RRP but you can set your own prices to suit your business needs.
Our prices include VAT. 


You can see a full ingredients list for our products here. Please keep all our products in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can quickly degrade natural ingredients


You can see a full ingredients list for our products here.

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Milk bath is the best thing you could ever soak your skin in! I’m prone to dry areas of skin, particularly in the cold weather, but rarely use moisturiser since bathing with milk bath. It leaves my skin so soft. Get some in your bath, light a candle and let it do its magic - go go go!